Sremm Life Takes the Riviera for BALL

Photos by Courtney Morrison.

A&O Productions and For Members Only (FMO) managed to go all out this past weekend after booking Rae Sremmurd to perform at the Riviera Theatre Friday.

The night was filled with screaming fans, dancing, and some even got on stage as Rae Sremmurd became the highlight of everyone’s night. Some parts of the night, however, were unpleasant to be a part of.

Heavy mosh pit activity seemed to be the choice of action people made as the openers for Rae Sremmurd performed early in the night. Whether or not people were trying to get closer to the stage or take Snapchats, concert goers were falling over and toppling from the constant waves of push and pull.



“People got pretty wild and made the situation unsafe for others,” said Yjaden Wood, a Weinberg senior. “The show was good, but some people just did too much.”

Rae Sremmurd, however, solved all of the earlier issues of space, boredom and whatever anybody could have been suffering from, because it was soon lit. Performing their most famous songs, the group jumped from one end of the stage to the next in such energetic fashion that people had to follow. They eventually invited more than girls from the front onto the stage and had a mini party in the midst of their concert performance.



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