Dial Up Wins the Battle of the DJs

Numerous DJ groups of different sizes battled it out at Tommy Nevins on Wednesday for the chance to perform after Anderson .Paak on Dillo Day weekend.

Dial Up, a group of friends with related interests on campus, including DJing, took the stage at around 11 p.m. and made it their goal to energize the crowd to the maximum. They even brought around 100 Eggo waffles to set themselves apart from the competing DJs.

David Latimore, A freshman member of the Dial Up crew, was one of the crowd favorites that night. His connection with the crowd and his music helped set apart Dial Up from the rest of the contenders.

“We had planned the waffle breakfast as like an impromptu thing, we bought like 100 eggo waffles for the show, and that was one highlight of the night,” Latimore said. “It was something we decided to to because it was what we considered fun.”

As soon as Dial Up began their segments, the audience reacted.

The Dial Up group mainly specializes in trendy hip hop and R&B type music, but often mixes in artists that have a great sound yet may not be too popular. They seek for their songs to be easy to dance to.

“I would spend 4-5 hours every night practicing DJing, and I only did it because I thought it was fun,” Latimore said. “And now I am definitely looking forward to performing on Dillo Day.”

Every group after Dial Up rode the energy wave they had created. Many people said that the event never reached the level that Dial Up set midway through the Battle of the DJs. The music, the waffles, and their hype carried them all the way to first place.

In addition to the Battle of the DJs, Dial Up performs at parties and in venues all across Northwestern and downtown Evanston. Their presence has been known for years, and their ability to give their audience an experience has only gotten better with time.

Expect to see Dial Up this Dillo Day weekend after the performance of Anderson .Paak! Their enthusiasm for the performance they are about to have will definitely be interesting.


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