8 Helpful Uses of Lavender for Anxiety

8 Helpful Uses of Lavender for Anxiety

Despite the presence of stigmatizing language and unhealthy practices, mental health is as normal as any other existing disease. And as with any subject at hands, there are layers of complexity when considering privilege, power and representation dynamics.

Anxiety is the most common mental health illness in the U.S. But its prevalence does not mean that those affected by it are not still making efforts to survive. Luckily, while there are a multitude of unhealthy practices in working through anxiety, there are also a great deal of healthy ones. Lavandula, or its common name Lavender, has many positive uses for those affected by anxiety.

Check out 10 below.

  1. Lavender scented candles: The aroma of the plant is a distinct one that has been proven to soothe levels of stress and offer a sense of calm. With some wax, lavender oil, a container and of course a wick, you’ll be on your way to joyful fragrance.
  2. Lavender bath bombs: Instead of bestowing unnecessary funds to Lush and Bath & Body Works, you can spend time creating bombs that are fun to make and enjoy. Thanks to YouTube, Pinterest and the Internet as a whole, you can use many of the ingredients already in your pantry to make some soothing bath bombs!
  3. Lavender lemonade: Who knew that lavender could taste as good as it smells? Lemonade already is delicious because of its contrasting sweet & tart flavors, and lavender adds dimension to these flavors. What’s even better is you can brag to your friends about your superior lemonade-making skills.
  4. Lavender salad dressing: Yup. It goes there. In delicious ways, too. Gather olive oil, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, garlic, lemon, honey, mustard and of course some lovely lavender for a dressing that allow you to enjoy salad while binge-watching Scandal.
  5. Lavender bug repellent/SPF: Dealing with anxiety should keep no one from being able to enjoy warm weather. Crush fresh lavender flowers and combine with a bit of an oil of choice for a handy and healing bug repellent while you soak up the sun.
  6. Lavender exfoliating scrub: To keep your skin baby smooth, having a dependable exfoliate is always helpful. With ingredients you’ll probably already have at home including coconut oil and sugar, you’ll be scrubbing away dead skin and scrubbing in self care.
  7. Lavender face & hair mask: Your body and mind are alike in many ways – one of those being they don’t do well with too many impurities. Mix lavender oil with Bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar, apply to your face or hair, sit back and envision how good you’ll look afterwards.
  8. Lavender infused pillow case: Yes, you can even enjoy the benefits of lavender while you sleep! The soothing nature of the flower will allow you to wake up more energized and balanced – who doesn’t want that? Take a pillow case and soak it in lavender oil for 4 hours, wring it out really well and throw it in your dryer for a pillowcase that you can enjoy for up to 6 weeks!

Anxiety can’t be ignored just as it can’t be decidedly let go of. And in the Black community, years of oppression allow for generational anxiety to be larger player than many would like to admit. However, with adequate education and discussion, we can make the society around us more accessible to those suffering from the mental illness.

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